Family Therapy & Counselling

Does your family struggle to maintain connection? Do you find yourself arguing over everything? Has your family recently experienced a traumatic event?

If you find your family drained and exhausted by constant conflict, struggling to process through a difficult life event, or stuck, Lavender Counselling can help.

What is family therapy?

There are many types of family therapy, but they all recognize that the members of a family are interconnected and that each member plays a part in the solution.

What is your basic approach?

We provide therapy geared toward helping your family generate long-term health and harmony. We'll work to solve the immediate problem while strengthening the emotional bonds and boundaries that help your family to resolve problems in the future.

Do you work with divorced families? What about other nontraditional families?

Yes, we do. Divorced families, families coming together in second marriages (often called "blended" families), single-parent families and other family groups often find that counseling can help to create a more healthy or workable situation. All types of families are welcome and respected.

I'm not sure which type of therapy would be best.

During your complimentary in-office consultation we'll discuss different options for counselling based on your concerns.

I have more questions before I decide if therapy is right for me.

You're more than welcome to either contact us via phone or email, or to simply book a session and ask them during your complimentary in-office consultation.

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Warm, Gentle, Non-Judgemental Client-Led Counselling

“Live in the moment, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering"
~ Tim Holtz

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Counselling Schedule and Appointment