Child and Adolescent Counselling

Does conflict with your tween or teen spiral into an endless cycle? Does your child struggle with unhelpful coping strategies?

Lavender Counselling can help you to successfully navigate areas of challenge in order to bring your family closer together.

What is your basic approach with young children?

Just as adults' problems will show up at work, children's problems show up during their play and at school. In play therapy we provide a safe place for children to process their thoughts and feelings, while establishing limits that permit them to cope successfully in the outside world. We also will work with your child's doctor and school teacher if needed. We've worked with children affected by divorce, ADHD, anxiety, intense behaviour, self-regulation, cutting, suicidality, adoption, foster care, abuse, and other traumatic experiences.

What is your basic approach with older children and adolescents?

We work with adolescents to help them apply themselves and uncover what brings meaning to their lives, two of the main tasks that adolescents face. We utilize both cognitive behavioral therapy to modify thinking patterns that may be harmful to them and emotive work to process feelings such as anger and sadness. We've worked with adolescents facing academic problems, family challenges, addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, self harm, intense behavior, severe mental health, and conduct problems.

Will my child have to go on medication?

Therapy can reduce the need for or the amount of medication in many cases. A decision about medication will depend on whether other interventions can be utilized first and on the opinion of a qualified medical professional such as a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychiatric nurse.

My teenager won't go to therapy.

Adolescents over the age of thirteen have the right to refuse treatment. Many teenagers are more relaxed about coming for a consultation session, and when they've done the first session, they're more willing to come again. Some teenagers are more willing if other family members agree to come with them for a family therapy session.

Do you offer parent training?


Do you work with foster or adopted children?


I have more questions before I decide if therapy is right for me.

You're welcome to ask them during our complimentary in-office consultation. You can book online at or by calling us at 604.455.8399.

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